Why Premium Apparel decided to manufacture their clothing in the UK July 05, 2016 17:31

In business, one of the most important factors to determine is what makes your company or product unique? Why should customers part with their hard-earned cash for your products over the thousands of rival products on the market from your competitors? This is a question that every business owner up and down the country and across the globe must ask themselves.

Industry Observations

With clothing in particular, the market is becoming increasingly saturated. New companies are being formed on a weekly basis as can be seen across social media platforms such as Instagram. From my observations, they all appear to be doing exactly the same thing; printing their logo onto generic, off-the-peg garments. This is a major problem for any business as there are no differentiating factors between themselves and their competition other than the logo design itself. This can work short-term, however, in order to truly grow a successful brand you must set yourself apart from the competition.

What makes Premium Apparel unique?

Firstly, let me explain how the clothing industry operates. The vast majority of high-street brands and globally recognised companies manufacture their garments overseas in countries where they can take advantage of cheap labour rates. The most popular regions for clothing manufacturing are China and India as well as some Eastern European countries. This is something that Premium Apparel is strongly against. We do not believe in such practices where working conditions are sub-standard so would never support an industry that does not share our ethical and moral views.

Now that we have discussed common industry practices, let me explain what makes Premium Apparel unique. Our clothing is custom made to our specifications, meaning that the fit of our garments are unparalleled. All of our clothing is designed, cut, sewn, manufactured and printed right here in Great Britain! The main reason for taking this decision was simple; by choosing to manufacture in the UK we are able to provide high-quality active-wear which reflects the world class quality, innovation and craftsmanship of British-made products. Another factor that was influential in our decision to manufacture in the UK was the opportunity it provided to work extremely closely with our suppliers to perfect both the fit and technical fabrics used in our clothing to ensure that we provide our customers with clothing of exceptional quality and performance.

I would like to end this blog post with one final thought, we are incredibly proud to be a British company and feel that it is important to support your country by keeping manufacturing on home soil. For this reason, we are committed to bringing you products of incredible quality that make you feel good in the  knowledge that they have been made right here in the country that we all call home.

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